Sunday, 4 May 2014

Removing - Grooming

Following the *big* task to let go of the electronic distractions throughout the day and the visual distractions of clutter, today is a slightly more frivolous, if painful chore.

Today I will be removing and grooming my hair (a trim) and eyebrows - a painful and unending task that I have largely ignored since before James came along. There were very good reasons for the neglect, initially, as carpal tunnel during the last six weeks of pregnancy and first three months of James' life left me with numbness in my hands and pain and therefore an inability to operate tweezers.

Since that time to now I have had sporadic bouts of pain in my wrists and hands, many days there is no issue but there can be weeks when I have limited use of my hands/wrists or pained use only. The worst so far was my literally crying in agony as I wrote my Mama's mother's day card this year (the UK Mothering Sunday falls in March). I have yet to bite the bullet and return to the doctor about this issue as I'm sure it will prove as fruitless as my last visit (an incorrect and lazy diagnosis of continuing carpal tunnel with no real advice or help as to managing pain or improving my situation). I suspect my issue is arthritis but that the treatment is not suitable while breastfeeding or whilst still being in the years of potential pregnancy (we have chosen God family planning, i.e. no birth control, NFP or intervention with our fertility). My excess weight is certainly not helpful in this scenario either.

So frivolous or not, as continued preparation for Mimi's wedding, my eyebrows are up for the chop (figuratively) and my hair too (literally).

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