Saturday, 10 May 2014

Birthday Weekend: Sister Edition

Sunday, is my little sister's 30th so celebrations kick off tonight, with a surprise party which I'll be helping to set up, continue on Sunday, with a family dinner, concluding on Monday, with a girls only afternoon tea. The whole thing is made that much more special as my BIL kicked it off on Thursday with an overnight for little sis in a posh city hotel - only not an overnight with him! He arranged with our older sister (who lives in Australia) for her to be here and she and little sis shared a sleepover Thursday night before our Aussie sis surprised the rest of us on Friday.

We had a double celebration since we got to meet our new niece yesterday evening - she's so little and so cute! And James said "pretty" when asked what he thought of her - awww bless. Her big sis is very impressed with her too. She's in an incubator as her breathing and temperature regulation are a bit off but otherwise she and her mama are doing well. Can't wait for my first cuddle!

"Project Barn" continued yesterday though it'll be taking a break whilst we party and then whilst we spend time with Aussie sis before she jets back home next weekend. So thankful I've gotten a good start on it so I can set it to one side guilt-free.

So plans for today, Sunday and Monday are easily written - enjoy the celebrations and tidy as I go. See you on the flip side, or you know Tuesday...

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