Thursday, 15 May 2014

Five Favourites - Randomness

Top of my head "Five Favourites:"

1. Remembering my childhood view from atop the "secret garden" wall, looking at the ploughed fields and dreaming...

2. The feel of my baby boy's cute little bum, nestled in my hand as a brand-new person in those first few minutes of life, almost two-and-a-half years ago.

3. Laughing out loud...the first time I watched Dave Gorman's "Googlewhack," a good stand-up comedy routine, listening to my baby's chuckles as his Daddy teases or tickles him, a funny movie like "Accepted" and hearty giggles with my sisters and Mama over afternoon tea at a posh hotel...

4. The gentle breathing of my semi-conscious hubby and babe abed beside me.

5. Insightful articles with interesting perspectives, "a-ha" moments, thought-provoking, questioning views, writers that make you think and authors that make you question the whys and wherefores and positively inform your "practice."

Head over to Hallie @ Moxie Wife for more "Five Favourites."


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