Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Project Barn: Overview (Removing)

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this special announcement - the space known as 'the barn' will be required for a fundraising coffee morning on Saturday, June, 14. Therefore the accumulation of household detritus, dirt, dust, randomness, homeless items, possible charity donations, excess furniture etc. all needs cleared, chucked, recycled, rehomed or donated. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

So, with a very good cause in mind, it's time to roll up my sleeves and dig in. There is an ulterior motive I must admit to though; this is also good motivation to get my handyman Dad to wall off my laundry area (finally). Okay not exactly with walls since it'll be with trellis and loom state fabric but it'll still grant me an actual space that I don't need to dismantle for coffee mornings et al. I can't wait!

So here's the goals for this project:

  • Dust windowsill, clear and brush floor area on the backside of trellis at the freezers.
  • Organise and declutter the top of our second fridge.
  • Organise and declutter the handyman open shelves.
  • Organise and declutter dresser shelves, three drawer unit and clear and brush floor area.
  • Clear and brush thoroughfare to laundry area.
  • Have Dad attach the tool organiser to the wall at the thoroughfare; this will gather together mops and brushes neatly.
  • Clear away carpet from laundry area, for positioning in the sofa area.
  • Organise (use orange/blue baskets) and layout laundry area, brush floor, declutter Dad's detritus from shelves. Set up former lounge rug in the laundry area for James.
  • Remove outside toys to the playhouse and gather inside toys in the laundry area.
  • Go through possible donations (from RHS main area and sofa area too) and load up the car. (This project should help me reach my yearlong goal to declutter 2,014 items from our home, the count is currently at 537.)
  • Stow homemade firelighters for winter.
  • Remove black MDF desk from 'top house,' clean thoroughly and set in place.
  • Empty my craft cupboard and relocate to above the desk, have Dad brace desk and cupboard together.
  • Clear space for Dad to set-up trellis "walls."
  • Pile up (already relocated) craft boxes for refilling cupboard/desk in the laundry area.
  • Remove "future sandbox" to under the nursery bed.
  • Relocate all frames/artworks to our dining room except the one to be hung up in 'the barn,' have Dad hammer in a nail for it (I have no skill with hammers AT ALL).
  • Remove and flatten (and potentially recycle) all empty boxes. Any to be kept should be stowed behind the trellis at the freezers.
  • Remove "baby items" to our attic (wrapped in bin bags).
  • Declutter, organise and clear other belongings/furniture in the main space (RHS).
  • Declutter, organise and clear sofa area.
  • Declutter, organise and clear behind the trellis at the boiler/wardobes.
  • Gather our "excess" at the boiler area.
  • Dust remaining windowsills.
  • Replace craft boxes inside the craft cupboard/desk combo.
  • Set up a play/reading space in the laundry for James.
  • Stow remaining indoor/barn/excess toys under the dresser shelves or in our attic.

The remainder of brushing, clearing and empyting duties will fall to my Dad. this is because items such as the old car, lawnmowers and tools are all very much his and he's probably the only one of us strong enough to move the orange sofa.

My beloved will be dealing with his busiest time of year at work, not to mention training for the local half-marathon (just two weeks after the coffee morning), so he will be in charge of cleaning the bathroom (and perhaps a few windows) in preparation for the big day.

My Mama of course is in charge, she's management not staff!

This project will have to become my main focus (aside from James of course) as the time available before the coffee morning is very limited (about 17 days) and I am a very inefficient worker. This plan will help a lot I suspect

Wish me monsters, well defeated dust bunnies anyway...

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