Monday, 5 May 2014

Removing - Catching-up

The past weekend has left me more than a little behind on my goals so here's the summary:

On Friday, having received the gift of a nursery photograph of my niece La, I was once again reminded of all the frames we had yet to hang up around our house and promptly piled our dining table high. We had frames ready to hang, unfilled frames, ones that need painted or need mounting as well as pictures needing frames.

So Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, all saw my Hubby desperately trying to soothe his much nettled (hormonal much?) wife as we found homes for many frames. We added our niece, a postcard of a relative's artwork and a photograph of the penguins at Phillip Island to our kitchen. An art-card of Florence Court (a National Trust house) went up in our dining room. The hallway saw the most additions with a wood splice flower picture (from my Granda's house, see below), an art-card of Bath, a cork splice seascape, my son's framed handprints, an Egyptian papyrus work (from our honeymoon), a collage of James' baptism and a line drawing of Mount Stewart (another NT property) all finding spots.

There are pencil markings for a peacock and a funny photo of us (also in the hall) as well as for a photograph my Hubs took of Benone Beach (in our bedroom). Once we have the peacock and an art-card of the Australian masterpiece "The Pioneers" mounted and framed (thank you FIL), they'll be hung up by the ever patient Russ (thank you sweetheart). I also want to add to the nursery: I need to get a cheap frame for a cute little kookaburra card I bought in Oz; I want to whitewash the frames of two Winnie-the-Pooh pencil drawings; and fill the cute little frames that we have on the windowsill with family photos.

There are four photos needed for already hung frames in the kitchen. The living room will see the addition of a three/four multi-frame and a single frame, both in a beachy style and both of which need filled. Additionally there are two more multi-frames that need to find spots on the (getting very full) walls; one I hope to fill with a picture from each of our siblings' weddings. There's also an artwork to hang in our barn space, a charcoal drawing to find a home for and many others I know I'm forgetting about (at least two large frames and one piece of poster-art). Phew!

Saturday, I spent much of the day sorting through boxes, with my Mama, from my Granda's home (he recently went into a nursing home). We unearthed some treasures (a couple of cute mini-carved-wooden animals, the flower artwork mentioned above), horrors (school photos of me as a child), surprises (the original series of "V" on DVD and a copy of the "Chant" CD which was on my Amazon music wishlist and which we're thoroughly enjoying) and memorabilia (lots of millitaria). The above sentences should read - on Saturday I didn't clear any clutter from my house, in fact I added to it - oops.

Sunday was definitely a down day for me, not that any of the weekend had been particularly up, and although I began on my eyebrows (much more to do), I didn't get to my hair at all. Monday (today) brings a new start though and as the leaf turns I'll set about my grooming and decluttering and putting away the frames that I'm not ready to hang and generally restoring order. Alongside my daily habit building and a shopping errand (returns and finding a tie for Hubs for next week's wedding) all this catching-up will keep me plenty busy.

Today I will catch-up, tidy up and continue to build new habits.

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