Friday, 2 May 2014

7QT - The Genres List

I love to read, it's just that sometimes I forget to make time for reading, beyond blogs and emails that is. This year I want to revisit this passion, without the obsessive nature of my personality burying me in books, while the house, my family and the feeding and clothing of said family fall apart around me. So without further ado here are my genres to explore through the power of the written word:

1. Blogs - they definitely count as their own subset as I learn about everything from K-dramas (not a fan), to organising (my bliss), to different denominations (Messianic to Roman Catholic), to homeschooling (hoping to), to every craft imaginable. You can browse my "blog roll" and go through the rabbit hole links on my sidebar, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

2. Dystopia - Utopia (from the Greek meaning "no place" as in imaginary) sets out the ideal scenario for life and living while dystopia is "an imaginary society in which social or technological trends have culminated in a greatly diminished quality of life or degradation of values" (thank you Webster's College Dictionary 2010). Think Hunger Games (excellent), Brave New World (sanitised), 1984 (monitored), the terrifying duo "The Planner" and "The Chosen" by Swann (must reads about a seemingly all too realistic America of the near future/present day, read these and any political apathy you may feel will instantly melt away). I'm currently reading the Colony Z series set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

3. Classic children's/teenage/young adult literature - my preferred genre, Enid Blyton (Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers), Susan Coolidge (Katy Did books), Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) etcetera. I've been indulging in this genre again since Christmas (Malory Towers) and taking my two year old son along for the ride, What Katy Did is next on the list.

4. Self-improvement - everything from time management to decluttering to menu planning and from "how to paint a wall" to "painting a nursery mural," from weight-loss to beating insomnia, and from "attachment parenting" to disciplining or discipling your child. Mayim Bialik's parenting book has made the list as well the 100 LB Loser by Jessica Heights.

5. Autobiographies - Katie Davis' book about the founding of Amazima (which I bought upon its release and which has accumulated a good layer of dust since) and the epic conversion story of *some woman* named Jennifer Fulwiler which I've been awaiting since she first made mention of it on her *little known* blog Conversion Diary. Buy Something Other Than God here, after all I want that banana suit... well actually the money (even in dollars) would probably be more useful, especially as my Hubby is the ultimate leprechaun!
[#SOTG link is to the Kindle edition on the UK Amazon site as although I pre-ordered the hardback it's no longer available direct from Amazon (boo) but instead shipped from the States! Alas in picking the hardback I'll have to wait until the end of May for my copy to arrive. What about a prize for the longest shipping time Jen? though I suspect I'd be beaten.]

6. Christian - yes obviously #SOTG could have been listed here but frankly Katie's book would've been lonely in the last take and this genre has plenty of "to read" options including Shepherding a Child's Heart (which also fits self-improvement) and many many faith based novels including the excellent (so far) Aggie's Inheritance series by Chautona Havig. Last but definitely not least...

7. Bible - I think the ultimate library needs its own genre as I seek to study more of my Father, His heart for me and how He would love to see me live for Him. I only pray as I make baby steps toward a bright new future that I might always remember to keep God at the centre of it.

Head on back to Jen's house for more quick takes about bananas and Something Other Than God.


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