Thursday, 8 May 2014

Project Barn: Day Two-ish

Here is yesterday, short and sweet:
Russ began the day with an early morning run when James requested nunkies (a breastfeed) at half past six;
we delivered my BIL's belated birthday gift and a forgotten iPad (my nephews had left in our car - oopsie);
we talked a lot;
had a lovely visit with my Granda;
ate an inside picnic;
James managed a solid hour of napping while we had an impromptu drive through Belfast;
Mummy had a fairly quiet nosey round most of Ikea while Daddy and James enjoyed a dander to nearby Decathlon (and a look at canoes and tents);
we ate meatballs;
shopped (zip-lock-type food bags, MORE FRAMES and trofast toy boxes for the mini nursery makeover - i.e. the removal of the old school cabinet and all my craft supplies and stationary etc.);
drove home;
enjoyed a pleasant chat with my folks before putting the boy to bed;
surprisingly did not collapse into two puddles on the sofa;
went back to work on "Project Barn;"
wrote this and;
headed to bed.

Today James and I will head to the optician's and keep plugging away at 'the barn,' as we work through the day-to-day laundry, habit-building, food prep and finding homes for all the randomness that has needed to return to our house from the barn clearance.

*Must remember to wear my dust-mask today as my allergies have not appreciated the dust one iota - sniff-sniff*

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