Friday, 2 May 2014

Removing - Electronics

With my thirst being continuously quenched I shall now look at all those things I need to remove from my life, one by one. The bad habits, bad attitudes, excess hair (eyebrows!), clutter, distractions etc.

Today I will begin by removing the electronics from most of my day: the distractions of iPad, email, the phone that is ever-present and the TV. Nope I don't intend to quit all these time-wasters wondeful tools but to make me mistress of them and not the other way around!

The Electronic Ground Rules
  • Music can be played first thing (no video viewing though).
  • Emails, games, internet, kindle, iplayer are all off limits until James is enjoying his breakfast. 
  • If Russ is on breakfast Daddy-duty then Mama has until the end of breakfast for electronics but only once dressed (unless I'm sleeping of course).
  • If Mama's on breakfasts then we (James and I) can watch ten minutes of TV but only at the tail-end of breakfast, after prayers/clearing up/any dinner prep/dishwasher-emptying or filling has been done.
  • No electronics until James is settled for nap then aside from texts to Russ.
  • Post-nap another ten minutes of TV is allowed before dinner preparations get underway.
  • No more electronics use (except texting) is allowed (for Mama) before storytime (if Russ is reading), or James' bedtime if Mama's handling it.
  • Electronics must be set aside by twelve for at least an hour to allow for sleep.
  • Exceptions made for sickness, necessity or James-free hours only, NOT tiredness.

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