Friday, 25 April 2014

Thirst - Water

I realise as I re-read my "beginning" that my attitude is one of someone defeated, beaten before I've begun, you see there have been so many new beginnings, new leaves, already and so I do feel deflated, but I press on...

To help counteract my defeatist attitude I shall begin with a baby step, a small goal easily achieved, a box that can be ticked.

Today I shall drink two litres of water and be refreshed.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of clean water and the ability to hydrate as I feel the need. I say this with such zeal as my depressive lack of vitality and care for myself can often leave me thirsting with only a short walk to the kitchen required to satisfy this thirst (and sometimes only the need to reach out for the drink beside me). In truth of course my thirst runs so much deeper, I need to drink more from that fountain of God's grace and be refreshed eternally in the living waters of his mercies, new each morning praise be to God.

With all this in mind, the theme of my first few challenges will be thirst, quenching the needs of body and soul but for today body takes preference and tap water will fit the bill.

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