Friday, 25 April 2014

7 Quick Takes (7QT) - The Leaf Turns

Here are my seven themes for change as I look ahead:

1. Thirst

Seeking to satisfy both physical and spiritual thirst by hydrating body and soul i.e. drinking water and moisturising but most importantly of all bathing my spirit in the Bible.

2. Removing

Removing obstacles to my goals such as visual clutter (both mess/piles and electronic distractions), temptations (sweets, chocolate because if they're accessible I will eat them) and my critical spirit (replacing this with one of thanksgiving and gratitude).

3. Adding

Adding greater industry (and movement/exercise) to my days, joy to my hours, sleep (I hope) to my nights and socialising (especially hospitality) to my life.

4. Mindfulness

Being more mindful of others (and to how I could better serve them), my actions and words, how I spend (or waste) my time, which activities add to my life/energy/vitality/mood or detract thereof and what I should adjust accordingly.

5. Gentleness

Treating my family (and everyone else) more gently with my words and actions and striving to be more gentle with myself when depression/low concentration/inertia hits.

6. Hunger

Feeding my hunger for greater knowledge of God, the world and everything in it (and making the time to read and return to my Scripture memory work), greater organisation, for change in myself and for success in my vocation as a SAHM. Also allowing myself to feel hunger as I seek to reduce my caloric intake and eat to live not live to eat.

7. Do

I am a great list maker, a good planner and a big dreamer but a terrible doer. Fear of failure and having perfectionist OCD quality control as an enemy of done and good enough with an added side of inertia/fatigue/anxiety from my depression leads to a whole heap of to do list that aren't done. So I will do and be done and stop holding back (I hope).

All these with much prayer and trepidation and only in the Father's strength: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Now go check out Jen @ Conversion Diary and her fabulous ideas for #SOTG book launch giveaways - I've commented, suggesting the duster slippers or babygros/rompers/onesies for cleaning floors the lazy easy way. Can't wait to read the book (Something Other Than God) Jen!


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  1. Oh I love this. I especially need to work on gentleness. It can be really hard to remember that when you're busy and trying to get things done.


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