Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Thirst - Footcare

I'm currently trying to hydrate my body (water and moisturiser), soul (reading the Bible and listening to worship music first thing) and today I want to add to my grooming, though only as an occasional treat for my feet rather than another daily task.

Today I'll quench the thirst of my feet by soaking them, then pumicing and exfoliating before pampering them with my lavender foot cream and a fresh coat of nail polish. I'll also be massaging my tootsies thanks to a borrowed foot spa - if I can find it at my Mama's house!

Yesterday night saw three of us meet for crafts and craic and it was after midnight when I left, so it's fair to say it was a good ending to the day. In the end I chose to craft for Christmas and cut-up last year's Christmas cards, mining them for their bits of pictures and lovely designs.

This evening I'll also be enjoying a visit with one of my best friends Mimi to chat through the details of her wedding service. It is such a privilege to be her friend and I can't wait for her big day - only two-and-a-half weeks to go!

Thankfully yesterday, an impromptu shopping trip yielded a vintage-fifties-style dress, with modest neck and hemlines too. I'll be needing some industrial strength undergarments *ahem* but the coral tones are lovely and on-trend. Praise the Lord for answered prayer through a helpful sales assistant and a huge weight off my mind. Now I can stop worrying about the outfit and start fretting over the reading I'll be giving - a perfect choice for the bride and groom, but one which will require very careful timing in its execution and includes a high propensity for laughter. Hopefully the nerves will keep the giggles away, from me at least.

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