Monday, 28 April 2014

Thirst - Music

As I redouble my efforts to drink a sensible amount of water each day (harder than I thought) and continue with Bible study and daily moisturising (face and neck), today I add another good habit.

My son James LOVES music (and dancing) and as part of our "wake up" routine within the house I want to add some worship music to set the right tone for the day.

Today I'm going to blast out a youtube clip of "Happy Day" (Tim Hughes) to get us praising and dancing for God first thing.

This is currently our little man's favourite hymn and he even requested it for his bedtime lullaby yesterday night (since we hadn't sung it in church that morning). Poor kid, it is a lovely track but very hard to sing and I'm a poor singer at the best of times! I'd really like to learn the lyrics so I'll set this as our "morning song" for the next week or so, with "Ten Thousand Reasons" (Bless the Lord O My Soul) being next in the queue.

I'm also looking forward to "Crafty Crew" a monthly ladies craft night hosted by my friend Janey. The evening is a wonderful blessing of craic (Irish for chatting and having fun with friends), crafts and a little time to be Grainne rather than Russ' wife and James' mama.

I have had a lot of anxiety surrounding parenting mostly when I've had to be away from James (even just his being out of sight) and it has taken over two years for me to go out for an evening without him (and without major anxiety, just minor). I have now had a few successful trips out for an engagement dinner, a couple of evening chats over coffee with my besties, trips to Janey's and (my biggest jump) Mimi's hen do, staying out until quarter to two in the morning! For the hen do, I drove up so I had the safety net of being able to return home at the drop of a hat (well a thirty minute drive) if needed. Good friends have definitely helped, as I seek to get more comfortable when apart from my wee man, and lots of prayer, naturally.

As I look forward to tonight's crafting, my biggest worry is - what am I going to make?

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