Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Thirst - Prayer

God thirsts for our unceasing prayers, our praise, supplications, petitions, thanks, pleas, intercessions, frustrations, tears, tantrums and worship. Whilst my prayer life has definitely improved over the last couple of years, as I pray with James (amen was one of his first words) and we pray as a family, still my personal prayer life needs major work. Especially with regard to intercessory prayer, I find praying for people's physical needs more easy to "check off the list" than prayer for their salvation or healing of any mental/spiritual sickness.

I instituted a 'prayer sticks' system about six months ago which had fallen by the wayside, but which I want to reinstate; this involved using coloured lollipop sticks to represent different areas of prayer, and praying through the full 'rainbow' each day. There are prayer forms/formats/Biblical requests (Our Father, ACTS, armour of God), thankful sticks, family members to pray for, friends to pray for, missionaries and mission fields to remember, apologies (confessions), petitions for personal improvement (please help me to be patient) and petitions for others/ourselves (a friend's sore back, Daddy's presentation at work). Self-discipline is one of my greatest needs and as I begin (again) to pray through these sticks I pray that God will hear and lend His strength for the task.

Today I will seek to quench my thirsts across all my daily tasks - drinking water, reading the Word, moisturising and listening to worship music first thing - and James and I will enjoy a lovely morning of tea and cake with friends (Claire and Carolyn) and their little ones (James, his peer and two seven-month-olds). All mums together sharing in this most difficult and rewarding of journeys.

Today I will pray for these our friends, their needs and ours etc. and call upon the Father with thanksgiving and praise, not to forget for the safe arrival of our new nephew/niece who will be delivered (by section) God willing on the eighth of May.

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