Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Book List - April 2014

This month I've read:

  • Malory Towers
One or two of the Enid Blyton based Malory Towers books (the latter six are actually authored by Pamela Cox making an extended series of twelve books) that I have enjoyed reading with James during nursing sessions since Christmas. We are almost through the penultimate book and I know there will be tears from James as we finish his beloved "Darrell" books, so-named for the central character of the original six books.
The series (aimed at the 10-15 female reader) was a favourite of mine from childhood and one I have loved revisiting. The stories focus on Darrell Rivers and then her younger sister Felicity as they make their way up, through an all-girls boarding school on the Cornish coast. It is a world of manners, respect for elders, phrases such as "jolly good" and "play up," matrons, sports, darning and playing tricks on unsuspecting teachers. You walk with the characters as they learn lessons, persevere through difficulties, overcome, become better people and all without the intrusion of technology as the girls enjoy reading, country walks and the odd sneaky midnight feast.
We should complete our current Malory Towers book by the end of the month and I'm looking forward to revisiting the Katy Did books with James as our next read aloud, following the reading of the final Malory Towers volume.

  • Funscreen (free e-book, Craig A. Falconer)
A short easy dystopian read in the style of "1984" released as an enticement to draw you in to buy the paid for e-book "Sycamore." It worked! I bought "Sycamore" this morning.

  • Colony Z: The Island (Book 1/4, free e-book, Luke Shephard)
As with "Funscreen" this was free as an enticement to buy the rest of the series and again I did. This was another shorter than usual read but the characters were well developed. The zombie apocalypse storyline, which had left the central small colony living in isolation was an interesting plot rather than just the gory violence it could so easily have been.

  • Ready or Not (Aggie' Inheritance Series, free at the time e-book, Chautona Havig)
I had already read Advent (also a free e-book) and my sister and Mama said this series was excellent so with my arm easily twisted I devoured this book on holiday last week and have purchased the two others in the series ("For Keeps" and "Here We Come"). It is the story of Aggie a just graduated twenty-two year old who has inherited her seven nieces and nephews following the death of her much-beloved ten years older sister and brother-in-law. It is a story of great faith and reliance on God and Christian community as much as it is a humorous tale of inherited rambunctious children.

There may have been more I read but these are all that spring to mind. The plan for the rest of the month (all four days) is finish the penulatimate to knuckle under with my borrowed book on weaning (more details in May's book list which I'll put up on the first).

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