Sunday, 1 June 2014

The May 2014 Book Review

Here's how I did with my book list for this month:

  • Colony Z: The Albion Tribe (Book 2/4, e-book, Luke Shephard)
As I suspected I got stuck into this (disappointingly) short volume and also read through the rest of series (First Days - Book 3 and Beginning and End - Book 4) and overall this would have made ONE decent length e-book rather than FOUR. The story jumped about in time and had several passages repeat throughout which gave a disconcerting sense of deja vous but the story arc was enjoyable if grim (duh). As with many (presumably self-published) e-books the spelling and grammar was at times cringe-worthy (choose instead of chose and spent in place of spend). These minor errors may not bother most readers but I am something of a pedant so I do despair of such things; a slip of spelling in a blog post is evidently more forgivable than in a purchased book that I have spent my (husband's) hard-earned money on. The characters though were well-developed, especially the relationship between alpha male Owen and his "wife" Hannah. The series ended on a positive note which is always preferable and with much hope for the apolcalyptic future, an interesting well thought out read.

  • Daughter of Joy (Brides of Culdee Creek, Book One, free e-book, Kathleen Morgan)
This story ended beautifully with all loose ends tied up neatly, faith for all characters was reaffirmed, strengthened and we saw a story arc of somewhat inherited childlike faith become personal soul-deep and repentant. Very refreshing read.

  • The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning (PB, Kathleen Higgins and Linda Ziedrich)
  • Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (PB, Norma Jane Bumgarner)
The best laid plans of mice and men, both volumes are, as yet, unread; weaning began as gently as can be and I missed this month's La Leche League meeting and so couldn't have returned the books anyhow.

As for the books I read-aloud to James:

  • Goodbye Malory Towers (Book Twelve of Malory Towers Boxset, PB, Pamela Cox)
This was a fitting end to the series and left the reader on a high-note of all stories brought to their conclusion and all characters having improved in their conduct and work ethic. A delightful read which my son was sad to see end but that found me sadder than he - I admit to a little boo-hoo upon reaching the end.

  • What Katy Did (Book One of Five, free e-book, Susan Coolidge)
The beginning of our foray into the classic adventures of Katy and her family, it had been so long since I had read this that I had remembered only one small detail. I cannot count the number of times I had to pause with tears in my eyes and a catch in my throst from the beautiful sentiments of this story. For one thing I had forgotten the rather subtle and lovely references to God (The Teacher) within and must not have fully appreciated the nuances of the sibling relationships when first I read it. A gorgeous read and I certainly enjoyed it, thankfully so did James - "what wait-y did" he requests ("k" sounds elude him). We have already begun upon "What Katy Did at School."

With a little more reading time, but not quite the desire to read the above tomes, or begin on my own extra reading suggestions, I began upon:

  • The Valley of Heaven and Hell: Cycling in the Shadow of Marie Antoinette (free e-book, Susie Kelly)
This travelogue is quite amusing, if a little over-sentimental about animals and meat-eaters and plenty grumpy. I've read about a fifth of it to date and have enjoyed journeying along with the author and her husband as they follow in the steps of Marie-Antoinette and her husband before their fateful meeting with Madame La Guillotine. The author adds lots of interesting historical details about the pair, as well as the less-advertised history of area through which they cycled - this is orobably my favourite element of the work thus far.

  • Silly romance story.
In amongst the ranks, this was picked up to be read, when someone else in the family set it down, in the glorious sunshine we enjoyed toward the end of the month. Popcorn reading indeed - read and forgotten as popcorn is eaten and soon forgotten. Also terribly written...moving on...

Tomorrow I'll put up my booklist for June.

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