Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Book List - June 2014

This month! I plan to continue on my literary holiday to France, as well as "enjoy" a disaster laden future and a sweet-tempered education in long-ago America. Listed according to genre, here's my reading list for June:

The Book of Romans
- Since I'm listing all my reading plans for the month, including my Bible reading plans will hopefully keep me on track.

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (PB, Norma Jane Bumgarner) and
The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning (PB, Kathleen Higgins and Linda Ziedrich)
- You never know, I may actually get around to reading these before this month's La Leche League meeting (on the 19th, I think), if not, it is most definitely time to return them regardless.

Christian Autobiography
Something Other Than God (HB, Jennifer Fulwiler)
- This much anticipated conversion memoir arrived last month and I'm looking forward to diving in. This will be a light and humorous read with many deep thoughts so I suspect it will take a while to ingest this, as I leave time for digestion between chapters. I fully expect this title to continue on into next month.

Christian Non-fiction
Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life (free e-book, Connie Rossini)
- This very short read should be interesting, if not exactly cohesive with all my own beliefs. I do not believe in praying to God through the so-called saints, or praying directly to them either, but I do feel we have much to learn from Christians who came before us. I also think that their writings and teachings can point us to God and help us grow in our faith, I'll let you know if it changes my life...

Finding Sage: The Rogue (e-book, Logan Judy)
- Written by Moptop of "The Common Room" fame (the DHM's son-in-law). I read the sample upon its release and have looked forward to reading about the rest of Rogue's adventures in a future which despises his "kind."

Homeschooling Day By Day: A Thriving Guide for Mothers (e-book, Kirsty Howard - Editor)
- I've read only a handful of chapters so far, and only plan to read another one or two this month, as I want to spread out the reading, so the learning can sink in. I was more than a little disappointed by how short a read this actually is overall (despite the wisdom it contains) and was very glad I bought it during a sale.

Modern Christian Novel
For Keeps: Aggie's Inheritance Series (Book 2/3, e-book, Chautona Havig)
- I'll read this sequel in tandem with my eldest sister, so we can compare notes at the end. This folows the story of young twenty-something Aggie and her inherited nieces and nephews (all seven of them), set against a backdrop of faith, hymn singing and reliance on God. We may continue on and read the third (and final) book too - Here We Come.

What Katy Did at School (2/5, free e-book, Susan Coolidge) and
What Katy Did Next (3/5, free e-book, Susan Coolidge)
- James and I will continue through these sequels as we follow Katy and Clover to boarding school and onwards.

100 LB Loser (purchased e-book, Jessica Heights)
- I plan to re-read the first few chapters as I seek to be inspired and motivated.

The Valley of Heaven and Hell: Cycling in the Shadow of Marie Antoinette (free at the time e-book, Susie Kelly)
- I'll continue my way through this travelogue as the mood and time strike me. It's an easy read and is good for the days when my brain is having an off-day. I'm more than happy to have this title stretch across to next month's list.

What will you be reading this month?

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