Tuesday, 2 September 2014

5 for 30 (September 2014)

Five goals to focus on for the next thirty day:

1. Potty training at nap and night.
James is all but potty-trained at nap (occasional slips) but I gave up the night-training in favour of much-needed sleep. He night-weaned a bit ago and then after a few particularly restless and aggravating nights we insisted that he was not to leave his bed until morning and he didn't because he is very good but he was still waking enough to wet and thus awakens soaked. I even abandoned the reusables last month in favour of disposables as his pyjamas and bed were wet each morning from leaking.
So I know he can't make it through the night yet without a trip to the loo, therefore if I want rid of nappies I'm going to have to take the "emptying" approach at least to begin with.
A week or more ago I told him that we were going to get rid of the nappies for good and I began yesterday (Monday the first) by reminding him that today was the last day of nappies. Typical that this followed a night when he'd wet the bed after soaking his disposable, pyjamas and linen (within the first few hours of sleep). So with the bed double-wrapped (as well as his pillow), the pyjama drawer full and Mama (being in a state of insomnia) ready to roll and launder we began this month's challenge with a view to "emptying" him at half ten and again at half four.

2. Dusting Tuesdays - dusting is sadly neglected in my house so I need to make a day to dust, wearing my fashion-conscious dust mask of course!

3. List Writing - unlike many of the other goals I don't intend this to become a daily or even regular habit. My goal is to write twenty useful lists across the month that will help make my life easier. E.g. snack foods, dinner menus, car boot checklist, picnic checklist)

4. Lights out by midnight
With exceptions for visitors or time with the Hubby, I'm giving myself a bedtime. I've gotten good at getting into bed by eleven but am still struggling to lie down at a sensible hour. So strict I must be!

5. Food Diary - keeping a food diary of everything I eat (and drink, excepting water) because monitoring helps you change habits. Also noting the times I eat/drink.

I'll also be continuing with my daily stretching, independent reading and post-nap story times with James, my daily habits (tidying, emptying the diswasher etcetera) and chocolate intake limiting as per last month.

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