Friday, 1 August 2014

The Book List - August 2014

Here's my reading list for the month:

The Book of Romans
- Continuing through Romans, alongside our Bible commentary
The Book of Proverbs
- This will prove "light relief" in amongst the deeper study of Romans

Breastfeeding/Attachment Parenting
Breastfeeding Matters (La Leche League Members Magazine)
- Two articles a day until completed (10)
Beyond the Sling (HB, Mayim Bialik)
- Read up to the end of chapter two at least (4)

Christian Autobiography
Something Other Than God (HB, Jennifer Fulwiler)
- Read up to the end of at least chapter twenty-five (19). This is another Christian/RC perspective book from an author whose blog I've read for six (or more) years

Sycamore: Near Future Dystopia (e-book, Craig A. Falconer)
- One chapter a day until complete (18). I really enjoyed his free e-book Funscreen so I'm hoping this will be equally well-written.

Homeschooling Day By Day: A Thriving Guide for Mothers (e-book, Kirsty Howard - Editor)
- Chapters 3-6 (4)
Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother (e-book, Joyce Swann)
- Up to the start of "establish..." (location 259) (2)
50 Veteran Homeschoolers Share... Things We Wished We'd Known (PB, Edited by Bill & Diana Waring)
- Catching up then continuing to (re)read through this a chapter at a time in tandem with my hubby - hopefully inciting good discussions

Soldier of Aquarius (free e-book, John W. Cassell)
- I'm not quite sure of the genre for this one but I've already been sucked in whilst trying to decide it. I suspect this will be weird and possibly violent, we shall see...

*Updated to add* Just confused writing with no sense coming to it and I have no affinity for the protagonist so I'm removing this from my list and my kindle.

Modern Christian Novel
Here We Come: Aggie's Inheritance Series (Book 3/3, e-book, Chautona Havig)
- One or two chapters a day until complete (22 chapters in all)
Get Cozy, Josey! (PB, Susan May Warren)
- One or two chapters a day until complete (19 chapters in all)

Modern Secular Novel
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (PB, Paul Torday)
- Two chapters a day until complete (17)

Quaint Christian Fiction
Becky Sue Cooper's Photo Album
- About sixty "pages" at a time (8), a quaint tale of what kids hear when you don't realise they're listening and a moral of guarding your tongue

In the High Valley (5/5, free e-book, Susan Coolidge) and
Nine Little Goslings (free e-book, Susan Coolidge
- James and I will complete our adventures with Katy and co. before finishing off the previously begun Nine Little Goslings - collection of short stories. If there's a need, we'll follow up with "Fairytales Every Child Should Know" (free e-book, edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie)

100 LB Loser (purchased e-book, Jessica Heights)
- A chapter or so a week

The Valley of Heaven and Hell: Cycling in the Shadow of Marie Antoinette (free at the time e-book, Susie Kelly)
- A chapter or so a week

Dead Running (free e-book, Cami Checketts)
- I'm not entirely certain this is a whodunnit, perhaps a thriller but my look-see to help me decide pulled me in so it's a last minute addition to this month, two or so chapters a day (11)
Short Fuses: Four free short stories (free e-book, Stephen Leather)
- These are very short stories a couple of which I've already read so this will be an easy read

*Updated to add* These are either infantile or filth so yet another to be deleted from this list and my kindle.

Here's to an enjoyable month's reading...

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