Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Book List - July 2014

Here's my reading list for July:

The Book of Romans
- To be read daily alongside our Bible commentaries

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (PB, Norma Jane Bumgarner)
- To be read and returned to La Leche League by July 17th, I plan to read this across three days and then call it done as it'll definitely be a dip in and out book (3)

Christian Autobiography
Something Other Than God (HB, Jennifer Fulwiler)
- I plan to read up to at least the end of the first chapter across two Sundays (2)

Christian Non-fiction
Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life (free e-book, Connie Rossini)
- Lessons two and three (2)

Finding Sage: The Rogue (e-book, Logan Judy)
- Read two chapters a day until finished (21)

Homeschooling Day By Day: A Thriving Guide for Mothers (e-book, Kirsty Howard - Editor)
- Chapters one and two (2)

Modern Christian Novel
For Keeps: Aggie's Inheritance Series (Book 2/3, e-book, Chautona Havig)
- One chapter a day, until complete and I'll save the next book for August (25)

What Katy Did Next (3/5, free e-book, Susan Coolidge) and
Clover (4/5 free e-book, Susan Coolidge)
- James and I will continue through the old-fashioned delights and manners of Katy and co.

100 LB Loser (purchased e-book, Jessica Heights)
- Chapters one and two (2)

The Valley of Heaven and Hell: Cycling in the Shadow of Marie Antoinette (free at the time e-book, Susie Kelly)
- I plan to read at least chapter five (1)

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